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This reference letter tracks the goals, objectives and performance of Tony Frandria for the years 2003-2008 while I served as Chairman of Grounds and Greens at Glen View Club in Golf, Illinois.


Overall, the Committee and I were very pleased with Tony’s performance and the significant contributions he made over those years.  The Grounds and Club House aesthetics and golf course playability continued to improve.


He successfully managed the grounds and golf course financial results and financial processes:

- Consistently achieved operating budgets including capital projects and refurbishing.

- Maintained employee workload tracking study and identified opportunities to reduce labor costs.

- Managed Monday golf outings and several Guest Days in an efficient and cost-effective manner, minimizing

  disturbance to member usage and playability.

- Identified golf course capital projects and equipment needs for the succeeding years.


He assisted in facilitating the Club’s capital improvement programs:

- Coordinated all planning aspects and bidding process for the XGD Golf Drainage System installed on exiting 18 greens.

- Managed river bank restoration capital and projects based upon a study by Conservation Decision Forum and

  engineering performed by Conservation Land Stewardship and Emerald Site Services.

- Coordinated with a certified horticulturist the addition of landscaping materials and perennial plantings to improve

  the front of the Club House.


He addressed labor issues in a proactive fashion:

- Created a work environment that promotes good employee relations and morale, minimizing turnover.

- Key members of ground crew have been at Glen View Club for several years.  Experienced crew translated to a

  good safety record and efficient completion of work tasks.

- Scheduled an end-of-season interview with each member of grounds crew to monitor job satisfaction.


He implemented, monitored and reported on compliance with the grounds and golf course maintenance standards:

- Presented reports of compliance with maintenance standards to Grounds and Green Committee and Board of Directors.

- Enhanced aesthetics and maintenance of Club House surrounds by working with a members’ subcommittee to

  vary flowers through the season.  Member acceptance improved considerably compared to prior years.

- Actively controlled and directed car traffic to avoid golf course damage.

- Maintained condition of turf on greens in a manner that was rated in excellent condition from both an agronomic and

  playability perspective by the U.S.G.A Green Section in its report of June 26, 2006.

- Successfully treated golf course for disease pressure throughout the golf season through applications of fungicides.

- Achieved the enhancement of putting speed by utilization of riding rollers two to three days each week without

  jeopardizing the health of the turf both short and long term.

- Improved agronomics and playability of fairways through initiation of an aggressive core aeration and application of

  sand top dressing.


He communicated with members and committees:

- Continued to excel in communicating with members at golf events and golf committee meetings and via Newsletter.

- Always prepared at Grounds and Green Committee meetings with written course condition reports and briefing and

  status of capital projects.

- Presented informed briefing on new capital projects to Grounds and Green Committee.

- Communications with General Manager, Golf Professional, and other department managers was good.



Tony had one of most challenging jobs in the Chicago District Golf Association, by dealing with golf course flooding from the west fork of the north branch of the Chicago River and high member expectations for quality of maintenance.

The Committee and I were very pleased with the progress and manner in which Grounds Department functioned.



Very truly yours -- A.K., Past Greens Chairman










Excellent references available upon request.